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Ohana App


Ohana is a concept app that allows families across different timezones to stay connected. This idea was a continuation of the first ever design sprint I did (read about the design sprint here).

Problem: Families that are spread across countries have trouble keeping up to date with each other due to differences in timezones.

Solution: Ohana provides an easy way for families to keep up to date with each other, as well as finding convenient common times for connecting. 


The Problem:

In the first design sprint I did, the essential idea of that challenge given to us was to design an app that connects families. My idea was to provide a method of connectivity between families that are spanned across different timezones. This idea came from my personal experience of being a child in college in the United States with parents across the world in the Philippines. There is a constant struggle for us to keep up with each other's happenings, as well as a struggle of finding time to Skype or FaceTime to catch up. 

Product Goals: 

I would consider this product a success if it was able to better the connectivity amongst family members. I define connectivity as: family members knowing each other's daily schedule, which would then allow them to easily coordinate schedules. My approach to solve this problem was to design a simple app that would be easy to use by a user of any age. 


I started off the brainstorming process with making "How Might We" stickies, which allowed me to list out all the solutions to problems that I thought were the most important. After coming up with different HMW's, I decided to narrow my ideas down to two problems that I felt were the most important. The two main problems that I wanted to address were keeping up to date with the family as well as connecting families across timezones.

I used my own experiences as a guide of where I wanted the app to go, and I came to the conclusion that I wanted my app to be very focused on one particular problem. I had originally toyed around with the idea of including "moments" that would allow users to upload photos of things that they wanted to share with their family, and/or chat functionalities. However, I realized that there are already many other platforms that are available for photo sharing and chatting. I decided that I wanted my app to have a very simple but direct focus of connecting families so that they are then able to use the other platforms available to chat or call. 



I chose the name "Ohana" for my product because it's true meaning is family and the tag line that comes along with it is "family means no one gets left behind". I thought this was a perfect embodiment of my product's goal in a nutshell. I initially played around with circles or round patterns as the logo, but I eventually decided on the open ended infinity figure. I was originally thinking of just a closed infinity, but I felt that it was too closed off and it didn't feel very welcoming. The open ended infinity provides a feel of invitation, and I want my product to have that same characteristic so I decided to go with the open ended infinity. 


Read the in-depth user flow here



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