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Maruti Suzuki


This summer, I joined Fractal Ink as a design intern. I spent the majority of my time creating the Maruti Suzuki interface. I took away some valuable learnings from the design firm experience, such as being able to define the problems client face, and translating product needs into designs that users appreciate and understand.

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The Problem: In India, Maruti Suzuki is no longer seen as an aspirational brand to the current generation. Maruti Suzuki needed to redevelop the brand to appeal to the younger generation. 

The Solution: A dynamic, elegant, and simplistic interface that reflects the energy of the youth. 

maruti original.jpg


From previous research done by the company, 75% of car buyers in India do research online before deciding on a purchase. Therefore, it was extremely important for the web interface to delight customers and enhance the purchase experience.

The Maruti Suzuki project was an extensive website and mobile interface for agents, customers, and investors. I was part of the team responsible for designing the user interface of the product pages. In order to understand what makes a good product page, I performed research by looking at how the product pages were created on other car company interfaces. An example of my research is shown below: 

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 11.49.54 AM.png

During this part of the process, there was a lot of communication with the client to make sure the conclusions reached from my research reflected the needs of the product from both client and user perspectives.


Our team focused heavily on the following core components while designing the interfaces. Each of these components contributed an important aspect to the end product, and gave me the opportunity to learn and understand the design thinking process. 

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