Hi there, I’m Shreya! I’m fueled by effortless experiences and dedicated to building products that strengthen our relationship with technology and propel our society forward.


A Reflection On Summer

Summer is over and I couldn't be more excited to get back to school. Looking back, I am proud of what I accomplished this summer. 

In May, I set three goals for myself. 

  1. Work on projects to create my portfolio.
  2. Become fluent in HTML and CSS.
  3. Learn another computer language. 

The first - well, if you're reading this, then welcome to the fruit of my labor! I spent all summer working on projects that captivated me. I ended the summer by landing my first freelance project (check it out here!), by which time I had developed confidence in my skills to be able to use them out in the real world. I became comfortable with Sketch, and although I love using it right now I know that there's a lot more left for me to learn. It's a really powerful program, and I'm really glad that I was introduced to it a few months ago. 

The second - I took classes! Although I had quite a bit of knowledge of HTML and CSS previously, just from messing around on Tumblr and such, I wanted to take a class so that I could really understand everything that I had been doing. My freelance project actually included some coding on the website, so I got to put it into use too! 

The third - Python. I learnt about Udacity's free courses offered so I took the one on Python and learnt the basics. Although it's nowhere near enough for me to start coding some seriously cool things, I still did some fun things like make my own basic search engine and build my own connect four game. 

All in all, a productive summer with a lot of learning.