Hi there, I’m Shreya! I’m fueled by effortless experiences and dedicated to building products that strengthen our relationship with technology and propel our society forward.


Learning Curves

My goal for this summer was to get very comfortable with the main tools used by designers (Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch). I have been having quite a bit of success with my learning endeavors, but success doesn’t come without failure. The number of things that can be achieved with these tools is never-ending, and every day I find myself discovering at least five new features available in these programs. My first big project with illustrator was typography. I created a vintage typography poster for my future bakery. Although frustrating at times, I really enjoyed the whole process. I feel that illustrator provides all the necessary tools in a very well presented manner. This typography project got me to become very comfortable with illustrator’s pen tool. I have also been learning to use Photoshop. Although I enjoy Photoshop, I feel that much of the techniques can be achieved in Illustrator as well. However I'm still learning, and one of my goals is to understand what makes each program unique. 

I've also been playing around with Sketch, and have really taken a liking for it. I started off using Indesign for hi fidelity screens, but then after reading many different blogs and articles, I decided to give Sketch a try. I like it because it is so easy to use, and it makes prototyping very simple. I have only scratched the surface of what Sketch has to offer, and I haven't gotten into the depths of the program yet, but I can see why many designers rave about it. So far, I have used Sketch to design the prototypes for my concept app Ohana. The only minor things that I am not a fan of in Sketch so far are that the organization of layers is a little confusing and there is no option for Windows, Android etc. Since it's relatively new, I guess they've only developed it for OSX so far. Other than that, I love how Sketch sticks to the basics and makes prototyping extremely efficient and easy.  

More coming soon! 

Current project: Low Poly Portrait